2 replies on “Two interviews with me”

  1. Hi James,

    Thanks for sharing that. I enjoyed reading the interview and getting a bit of background into the how and why of Edublogs. I think it’s an amazing initiative you’ve got going. Thanks for doing what you do… it’s really benefitting so many teachers and students.


  2. James,
    I read the article (English.) Really, I feel so badly that I am not in a position right now to contribute financially to the upkeep of Edublogs, which I love, and use EVERYDAY. You are giving far more in use value than you are receiving, and all I can say is the universe will repay you in multiples of not tens, but thousands. With you, I had my first experience joining a blogging community, and therefore, you are one of the people I have to thank “properly” when I get rich:) But in the meantime, I will definitely try to come up with a contribution for your hard work and your time. Thanks again!!!!

    Cheers from New York.

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