The Blackboard Beyond Initiative

I can almost see the finger quotes :)

We have worked year after year with our clients to create powerful networked learning environments for instructors and learners at individual sites. Now, with the Blackboard Beyond Initiative, we are taking a critical next step by fostering a “network” of “networked learning environments”…

But this has to be my favourite:

“Facilitate Social Networking”: “e-Learning 2.0” is about “enabling a social experience” that recognizes the course is but one “social-organizational group” in a broader education environment. To help foster academically oriented relationships outside of the class environment, Blackboard announces plans to “connect” students and faculty across disciplines and across institutions through a new Web service. will provide users with the opportunity to “communicate and collaborate” with other experts in and outside of their discipline and fields of interest

Excuse me for a moment.


That’s better.

Rough Translation: “We have decided to appropriate every frickin’ buzzword we can and just in case you don’t geddit we’re going to mention 2.0 no fewer than 8 (EIGHT) times. So there. We are innovative and interesting didn’t you know. And to prove it we’re going to give you, um, a “Global Learning Objects Catalogue” [cos that’s a new and proven idea], some bizarre website that connects “students and faculty across disciplines and across institutions” [cos that’s just the natural thing to do, innit, am sure everyone will be jumping at it], an “e-Portfolios-for-life” [please somebody help me, this is too good, I can’t even comment] and a “collaborative data warehouse service” [um, you’re going to do frickin what with my data, it’s going to help who???].”

Sorry Stephen, I couldn’t disagree with you more (well, apart from the Canada bit ;).

Pay attention to the end of the press report all ye who expect empty buzzwords to become anything more than they are:

…Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors…

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