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  1. Hi, I got here doing some research on wikis (which I am doing a paper on for one of my Master’s modules).

    I like the term “citizen’s media” too. It’s an interesting development (the masses now have a bigger voice and can be heard, and their opinions count), considering to what extent higher education demands only “expert/authoritative sources” be cited in research.

    So far, the impression I’ve got from the “academics” is that the higher education circle is highly elitist – only “expert or authoritative sources” are recognised, even when dealing with subjects such as blogs and wikis where what can be considered “expert” or “authoritative” is highly subjective, and – aren’t blogs and wikis all about “non-expert” (for want of a better term) knowledge anyway?

    Such separation only serves to subvert the true cause of education and research, which is to allow humanity to advance as a whole isn’t it.

    I also read about how you were made to give up your promotion of blogs and wikis for your course. How did that work out eventually?


  2. Heh, funnily enough you can get around everything by calling it research…. the academy does have its advantages.

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