Am having trouble commenting on Stephen’s news… here’s what I wrote:

“Bloody hell, that’s screwed up… am just guessing here but my estimation of the NRC just disappeared.

For the record, loud and clear, in not appreciating he work that you do, whoever / whatever organisation is responsible is firstly kicking themselves in the teeth and secondly demonstrating what absolute drongos they are.

Nuts. Insane.

It won’t take long for you to get past these idiots though, now they’re a problem but in no time at all they’ll be insignificant specks in the rear view mirror.

Take your time and know that you’re much appreciated, valued and have a greater contribution to make than they could ever even understand.

In solidarity, James”

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  1. The NRC is a federal government department. Need I say more? But I will. The IIT elearning group suffered some major cutbacks in the past year and there are few people left. Rod Savoie has done a great job with limited resources but Seb Paquet left last year, and several other temporary employees did not have their contracts renewed. Don’t expect much leadership from the NRC in the field of learning & technology. It’s up to the rest of us.

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