Outside the edusphere

One of the best leads I’ve had for a while was a few weeks ago when I got to have lunch with, among others, the guys from Anecdote. Not only because they’re good bangers & mash company ;) but also because their insights into and discussion of effective research methodologies, communities and qualitative perspectives on experience rocked my little edu-world a bit… “Wow! People know about these things outside of Academia!… Heck, they seem to actually know a whole lot more!!!”

Also they have a great blog, which, even better, is essentially their company website. And over the last few days there’s a host of good stuff going up there which, for me, is refreshing, rejuvenating and highly relevant. For example see Will the community of practice get started? A test and the effect of titles… I can’t think of a more effective, realistic or powerful way to decide whether your CoP has any chance of succeeding.

Narrative narrative narrative narrative narrative. Good stuff.