On retraining at 30…

Phew, working as an editor is no easy meal ticket I can tell ya!

Seriously, the last few days have been as challenging and exhausting as they have been exhilarating and interesting. There simply is no comparison between a Uni environment and a News Room… they’re like diametrically opposed worlds, one relaxed almost to the point of being comatose (sans the frustrations to keep you awake at night) and the other like a ADD dream-come-true. I kinda like the latter!

Anyway, just wanted to raise my head above water, gasp a little, and apologise if I’m not getting back to you / utterly unresponsive or generally behaving rather poorly on the correspondence front… am sure things will get into more of a rhythm down the track but at the moment post 7PM is a time of recuperation rather than communication.

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  1. Hope you’re not too busy to remember you’re chatting to a bunch of South Oz teachers on Thursday evening, hoping to get them all blogging away! Seriously, looking forward to hearing you speak (via the wonders of Web 2.0) as one of your keenest users of edublogs here in Adelaide. BTW I think bloglines has dropped the edublog stable again as well.

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