Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…

Anyone who grew up in the UK (never mind Australia) would be familiar with the show Neighbours and the laid back, friendly suburban life that it portrays, here in good old Melbourne.

Funny that, however, when I went to talk to one of our neighbours for the first time today (well the second, he’d told me to move my car once before, but that wasn’t really ‘talk’ per se) to ask about a strip of land behind our house that he might consider selling the conversation concluded with him, saying, and I quote:

F**k off you Pommie bast**d

Rough equivalent of “go away you immigrant”.

Nice :)

The upside is that I’ve just managed to finish installing an upgrade to in order to forget about it. Tralala.

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  1. Harold not prone to being quite so offensive ;)

    Thankfully it’s our soon to be ex-neighbour!

  2. Dont worry dear , I just slashed his tyres and threw a brick through his window. “And that’s because neighbours become good friends …….”

  3. When you leave your house, James and Lol, don’t risk talking milk with you. You should dispose of it.

    I recommend slipping it into the nice ventilation grills conveniently located along the front of the windscreen of your neighbour’s car. A couple of litres should do nicely. Add a couple of eggs if you feel it’s getting near eggnog season. It so often is at times like this. There’s no need to pre-cook the eggs, because when you leave them in the car in the sun to simmer, you risk overcooking them… and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?


  4. I want to ask you something.The tune you are playing in the beginning of the series.I”ll want to have it.And translate it in Dutch.Because our neighbours giving an party on they`re marriage from 50 years.I don`t know how I”ll get it elsewhere.Please replay,Your greatest admire Willy from Holland

  5. While I am a Melbournian I regret to tell you that I don’t happen to have been involved with the production of the show…

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