12 replies on “I’m 30 today…”

  1. Hi James,
    I remember that! Trust me, life’s going to get even better from now.
    Congratulations on this milestone, James. Don’t get too responsible .

  2. Thanks y’all… I’m gonna celebrate with a grey / green redesign. heh.

  3. Hi James,
    Happy Birthday!
    The great thing about getting older is the feeling you don’t have to behave like a responsible adult. You behave as you want to and you don’t care what others think.
    Keep being you – that is so much more exciting than being what others may think you should be.
    I hope you celebrated in style and enjoyed your day.
    Best wishes from your friends in Wellington – Marica and Lynsey.

  4. So I got the right date but the wrong year… damn! (I should have remembered that you were always the young whippersnapper)

    Have a great day (and best wishes from the Windy City)


  5. Boy, they don’t make albums like that anymore – the one good thing that Margaret Thatcher did for the UK was give everyone something to be angry about.

    Surely track 1 ‘Surfin’ USM’ isn’t an accurate representationf?

    Belated happy birthday:^)

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