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HigherEdBlogCon 2006Well, have had a pretty extreme few weeks, to say the least. Many many things from some forthcoming developments at edublogs.org to the phantasmagorical world of Ben Barren and some really cool developments at The Knowledge Tree.

Add to that some seriously funky WordPress work (on both sides of that big old pond up there), conducting some pretty sweeping research across the uses of blogs in Higher Education here at the Uni and some even more exciting stuff that I’m not even going to hint at… and yes, I’m starting to come across as a pretty crummy blogger ;)

However! [dramatic flourish] None of this will keep me from the very cool HigherEd BlogCon which has just kicked off and who have been the *very essence* of understanding in allowing me a bit of breathing space for my webcast ‘Blogs as personal learning environments’ which will air on Friday alongside, rather coolly, Ewan’s contribution… we should see how many time the word ‘edublogs’ or ‘edu.blogs’ can possibly get mentioned in two sessions ;)

So head over there, and please bear with me if I take a little longer to respond to email / IM than usual.

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