Free wikis for all users

wikispaces logoIt’s taken a while but I’m delighted to announce that over the next week we’ll be rolling out free (and ad free!) Wikispaces for all users.

So all existing users will get a free Wikispace – which’ll get kinda integrated into their edublog space (through the admin menu and in the sidebar) – and all new users will too… moving towards what I really want it to be (I think): a one-stop, freely available, non-commercial shop for all your educational technology needs :)

Onwards & upwards!

7 replies on “Free wikis for all users”

  1. Will this be available for learnerblog users as well? I will use this wiki in place of the one I was planning on using if this is the case — especially since there are no ads.

    Thank you! — Sarah

  2. At the moment the plan is only for… I’m guessing teachers can use their wiki with their students, although I can certainly ask the wikispaces guys if they’re interested.

    Cheers, James

  3. This is very cool James, I already use wikispaces and the service is great :-) Having one one integrated with the blog is a superb idea! WooHoo!

  4. Hey, James, very wonderful. Can’t wait to try it out. I’ve just begun using my edublogs blog for students to post comments in the lab and it’s just a great tool. Next year I’ll branch out to have the little rascals actually posting on the blog. You de bomb…

  5. if can support persian language(persian is RTL) it will be great!
    edublogs is great for persian big bloging community, is wp in persian support site.
    thanks in advance

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