Finally, Weblogg-ed Joins the WP Crew!

Well, that was a pretty exhilarating experience!

I’m delighted to announce that as of yesterday evening incsub is the new host of the most broadly read education weblog on the internet, Will Richardson’s Weblogg-Ed.

It’s a great arrangement… I can support Will in his new endeavours by taking hosting costs / concerns out of his hands and giving him a much more powerful blogging tool (exporting Manila to WordPress is FUN – heh – not really) and in return gets a nice little badge and I get a warm fuzzy feeling.

And I’ve freed up at least 4 hours a year spent ribbing him about moving to WordPress !

The design is only 75% there, but I’m a great believer in getting stuff out and then working on it so you should be able to see it improve over the next few days / weeks. Go tell him how great it is… you can actually comment now too :D

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  1. If you pulled that off in a day with all the old links still working, color me impressed. Congratulations, you’re now hosting the number 8 “Will” on Google.

  2. Heh, took more than a day… we’ve had a few test runs at it already…

    Pretty much all the links should be working though (fingers crossed!)

    Interesting thought, I haven’t looked at that for years… seems like I’m about the 130th ‘James’.

  3. Hi:

    I just saw the post about weblogg-ed moving to word press from a frontier/manila server. This caught my eye because I’ve been giving thought to making the same transition, having been a frontier/manila server users since, well, since before there was manila.

    Can you point me to any good guides on transitioning my frontier/manila sites (currently running on my own server) to word press, also running on my own machine?



  4. Hey Dan, it’d be my pleasure!

    Basically you need to run this script: (script here – although there might be some edits needed.

    After that you’ll need to run some replace edits on the mt.txt file (it’ll put posts into draft which shouldn’t be etc.)

    They you’ll need to use a modified version of the feed director plugin to retain the RSS feed… I’ve lost the link but will email it to anyone who wants it (contact form up above)

    Then just import into 2.0.2 at MT … easy huh :D

  5. I’ve been following the Manila to WP discussion here and on Will’s site. I’m interested because I’m getting ready to implement a blog system at my school.

    Can anyone point me to good discussions about the best multiple blogging solution for schools and teachers? I.e. I need to be able to allow teachers to create their own blogs and blogs for students from our in-house server – -what’s the blog app that will allow this most easily, dependably, with good levels of customization, etc.? I would really like to find a good discussion of these issues before starting up the blogging program here.


    Larry Hanley
    Center for Teaching and Learning
    City College of New York

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