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world cup 2006 imageWell this is probably only of interest to about 1 reader (hi Peter!) of incorporated subversion and certainly somewhat, um, off-topic but what the heck.

For those of you still wondering what an offside rule is here’s the run down. England, the country that arguably invented the modern game, has had a pretty awful experience of doing well in on at the highest stage. There was 1966… but that was at home and, as I’m sure many Germans might argue, largely down to a Wembleytor (search for it here)… but apart form that, a painful exit in 1990 at the semi finals – ahh Waddle and the post – has been as good as it has got. In 2002, for example, we limped out weakly in the quarters despite going a goal up and playing half of the game with an extra man.

So, come 2006 and our surprisingly early qualification (we usually leave it to the last game, away to Italy or something equally awful), expectations have (as always) been seriously and unsubstantiatedly high – mine included – especially given boy wonder Wayne Rooney’s international and domestic form – until the inevitable, and horrible, happened last week. Which puts us in an interesting situation… usually so hopelessly optimistic there’s a feeling of gloom and doom – even a kind of avoidance of the subject – given that all we now have to rely on is a bunch of pretty ordinary players, none of whom are particularly good at providing that brilliance required to win the big games and pretty much all of whom have performed so averagely at significant stages of previous tournaments.

Which, surprisingly (or perhaps less so given ridiculous optimism previously mentioned) gives me a strange sense of hope regarding this time round.. you see, going into 2002 we had the miracle of Beckham and the maturing Owen and everyone got excited, the same went for 2004 with Rooney coming through (until he didn’t) and, to be honest, I’m kinda getting the feeling that I’d prefer ‘steady-sure’ to ‘one man reliance’ and ‘underdogs’ to ‘potential winners’. Think Germany 2002 and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Basically Robinson is a very solid keeper (no more Seaman to worry about – yes, we had a goalkeeper called Seaman, whatofit!) Ashley Cole, Neville, Ferdinand and Terry are great defenders with plenty of experience and Campbell to cover. Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard and Joe Cole are all pretty accomplished midfielders, all with good medals under there belts and are pretty much aligned in terms of position, although admittedly less so in terms of gelling and Owen, providing he’s fit, is a guaranteed 0.5 goalscorer.

What I reckon Rooney missing gives us is an opportunity to do two things. First up there’s the potential there for a Schillachi-esque performance from Crouch or Bent or Defoe (I’m not that hopeful though) but more to the point there’s that underdog aspect added to (if he can make it) that ‘get Wayne to the final’ dream… and to be honest, I’d rather they crash out trying bloody hard against a better team than capitulate weakly to the first decent side they meet, although under Sven I’m less than sure of that… roll on Portugal in the quarters I reckon, even our Swede will be able to get fired up for that one ;)

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  1. The optimism of England supporters have always surprised me! A national team that has only ever won one international tournament, and that 40 years ago is not exactly a glorious record. I’m sure supporters will find someone to pin all their hopes on, or someone to blame if the tournament doesn’t go well.

  2. Or should that be ‘the bathroom, here we come’…

    Having said that I can hardly say anything, as a Birmingham City fan…

  3. And I thought you were an Aussie now….!!!
    hmmmm – wasn’t that a question on your citizenship papers??
    ABB ;-)

  4. Hmmm… Solomon Islands anyone? anyone?

    Yeh, I reckon you guys will batter Croatia and Brazil ;)

    And no, nothing in the citizenship papers about football, rugby or cricket… just as well really!

  5. I thought we were talking Soccer? And as I remember, we hand you guys your asses last time we played each other! How the hell you guys got seedings has got me beat!

    Has England beaten the Solomon Islands? Has England played third rate teams through out their qualifications and then had to beat one of the teams with the greatest World Cup history in a home and away series after they have played against arguably the best teams in the world? No. When they do, then come and talk to me about it.

    Also are England going to the biggest event in the World for a Football code that is probably not in the top 3 most popular Football codes (not to mention sports) in the Country?

    Who cares about Rubgy? Did you Beat us in Aussie Rules? (okay, I do care).
    Cricket? Even a stopped Clock is right twice a day! Have you guys won a game since the Ashes?


  6. Let’s all show The Roon some support. Have a look at Roonometer.co.uk :


    Here you can get the latest Rooney news from all over the web, check the Roonometer, send Wayne a good luck message and loads more…

    We want Wayne on The World Cup Plane!!!

  7. Phillip Molly Malone – you knowledge of Footie is pathetic!

    Firstly – Australia’s refusal to play the world game is no ones fault but your own! We beat you in the Rugby World Cup Final, Calcutta Cup and the Ashes – all ‘your’ sports and competitive games! You beat us in a soccer friendly where we subbed our whole team in the second half because Sven didn’t want them tired when we play proper teams!!! So congrats!

    Secondly: We got seeded because we are consistently one of the best teams in the world – its widely recognised by those who know what they are talking about that the final of the last world cup was the Brazil-England QF – whoever won in was gonna win the whole thing. Oh yes just to confirm there was a world cup in 2002 you might not have realised because you weren’t there!

    Thirdly: U-Are-Gay are a spent force – they last won the world cup over 50 years ago and have been consistently crap ever since – only the Aussies think it’s a big deal to beat them. You guys have an easy ride EVERY qualification and usually get your assess handed to you when you come up against an average team. England has to qualify out of Europe – the most competitive qualifying zone in the world. Even weak teams like the Faeroe Islands or Luxemburg could probably beat you 9 times out of 10. You best player can’t even hold down a Premiership team. And don’t start bleating on about FIFA rankings either, there a load of bollox – your real ranking is about 140 out of 180 – FIFA just ‘massage’ the rankings to make it more inclusive!

    Finally: You guys are a going to get beaten 3 times, not score a goal and finally go home with your tail between your legs! This will also be the last time that you’re at the Finals for a VERY LONG TIME – the Asians are going to eat you alive. Your crap… enjoy Aussie rules – but then again the Irish beat you at that quite regularly so you can’t even claim to be best at the world at your own sport – retards!

  8. Okay, lets go through this:
    1) Didn’t the English invent Cricket? Doesn’t that make it your sport (at least too). Once in 20 years is a pretty good record in my book. Bet you guys are really proud of that!!!!!! Rugby? Well, as I say. Its the 3 or 4 th string footy game in this country (invented by the English again isn’t it?). I like it and was disappointed we lost (by a point or so was it not?).

    On the soccer, there was nothing friendly about it. If your guys didn’t take it seriously, thats not my fault! Plus you mentioned subing the whole team off at Half time? That mightn’t be such a lame ass excuse apart from the fact we were already whipping your ass at that point (2-1 was it).

    2) Get over it. Yes you have a fair team, but we all know your going to CHOKE AGAIN!!!!

    3) Hehe. Riddle me this Batman: If our qualifying was so easy, why did we leave it to join the Asian group? Reason, its was a prick of a way to Qualify. Play very poor teams then, when we should be in, have to go play a team that is match harden as a team by going through arguably the hardest group in the world, the South American! As I say, dare England to take that on for the next World cup! One fluke goal and your out!

    4) Maybe we will. But you know what, if we do, at least our country will stick with them and not run them out of town like you Fair weather POM’s would! Also, I would like to let you know that the Irish has NEVER EVER EVER beaten us in Aussie Rules! They have beaten us in Internation Rules (a game prodomently based on Galic Footy). Now I could go as LOW as you and call you a “retard” but thats unfair (and quite descrimintory). I would rather give you a worst title, more insalting then that! Your English!!!!

    Have a nice day. And go SOCCEROOS!
    PS. Sometimes this is so easy, I am assamed of myself!

  9. Yeh, Australia really tolerates and backs up sporting failures, I’ve really noticed that ;)

  10. Yeah James, maybe its because us AUssies aren’t as use to losing as you English are!!!!!!

    PS. Did you guys come to the CommonWealth games? We seemed to be winning so often! You must of stayed at home did you?

  11. Can anyone help me? is the England team doing their pre tournament training in Portugal? It seems impossible to find out where and when?


    Ron Goddard

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