3 replies on “Education.au Seminar”

  1. I can’t believe I know two of the presenters! Geez, I rekon it’ll be a ripper event.

    Do you know if the organisers have any conference ‘remote-goodness’ happenning?

    I know you guys will be blogging and such, but after tuning into the bloggercon stuff recently, I rekon it’s about time Australia started being less like an island (a silo?) with its conferences.


  2. James, that event sounds like a great day out. Love to go but the money, the distance, the actual real day job are going to get in the way. I agree with Dave that someone ought to be blogging the event and broadening the prospective audience and continuing the conversation after the event. Will you be posting your notes/slides here at incsub? Also, thanks heaps for your contribution to the TSOF Blogging Masterclass a few weeks back. I enjoyed Barbara and your good self immensely and you amazed me that you can recognise someone through a grainy videoconference feed. Must be the ugly self portrait I have on my blog that burnt into your subconscious when you installed my theme!!! Hopefully, education blogging might gain some traction here in the sleepy hollow state as a result.

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