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Do ya like the piccie :) Here’s the article! And for a limited time it looks like I’m on their Higher Ed Homepage.

“A LOT of people spend a lot more than $US3000 a year on their hobbies,” James Farmer says, laughing.

His hobby may be better described as a quasi-religious quest: he preaches a gospel of interactive learning.

At his web portal,, teachers and students can set up free blogs using WordPress, an open-source tool…. [read the rest]

me in the australian

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  1. Interesting article. $3,000 a year is a lot for a hobby, but I know I’ve done that in the past for photography and come close with all my internet, computer, and tech purchases.

  2. Congrats on the article James. has made amazing progress in a short space of time and I’m sure it’s only going to improve. Yeah, nice pic too!

  3. Congratulations James – both on the article and on turning 30 (I’ve got the big 4 – 0 to look forward to this year myself). I for one am extremely grateful for the opportunities you have given to all of us here a BTW, will Weblogg-Ed be one of the featured blogs – being the new blog on the block here, we’d all want Will to get off to a good start and get a subscriber or two.

  4. A local celebrity, and an official national citizen – liking your style, loving your work!

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