Edublogs 1.0 – Special Announcement

Chalkface Project I’m delighted to announce that the next generation of, supported by The Chalkface Project, is officially launched today!

Firstly, the generous support of Chalkface means that (and associated sites) are now running on their own dedicated server. That means more bandwidth, more storage space, better performance and an all round superior edublogging experience. To celebrate I’ve increased every blogs upload space to 25MB (remember that you can make unlimited posts in addition to that.)

Second, not only are Chalkface supporting us financially but are also partnering with us to provide all users with free access to their excellent online assessment tool, Yacapaca. Click on ‘Yacapaca’ in your menu bar to set up a free account and get playing!

And finally to celebrate the occasion I’ve installed a new design (one that shortly will be the subject of a logo / colour scheme competition!), please visit the homepage to check it out and let me know what you think / where it could improve.

So, with all that I’m kinda thinking that we’re pretty much out of beta now… so Monday, Feb 20th 2006 marks the beginning of edublogs 1.0 :)

3 replies on “Edublogs 1.0 – Special Announcement”

  1. Hey James!

    Glad to see up and running! I’m using as a educational purpose for myself and also other companies who find it useful to use as their service.

    Keep up the good work my friend, and thanks to Chalkface project as well!

    Steve Myers,
    Sphere Research

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