A lot can happen in a year (or three)

I’m usually terrible with dates / anniversaries and so figure that it’s probably best to do two at once… one that I’ve already missed and one that I’ll probably miss too.

First up I missed that just over a year ago (on January 18th 05 to be precise) I installed my first working version of WPMU and got rather excited about it. Who’d have thunk it eh! I still owe Donncha that beer :)

Second up the 27th of this month will see my 3rd year since my first (real) post … still seriously youthful in this big ‘ol blogging world but thinking about the changes in my life, in every way, since that time really drums home the kind of amazing things that can happen in such a short space of time.

Having said that I’m still prattling on about the same stuff that I was 3 years ago :D