4 AM Football

I’m going to have to get used to these 4AM starts over the next month… currently H/T in Arsenal vs. Barca with the gunners one goal up and one man down. Come. On.

52 Mins: Ridiculously tense… Henry just picked up an entirely unwarranted yellow.

56 mins: Ronaldinho not smiling much at the mo… I have this sinking feeling about van Bronckhorst for some reason though, looks like he’s got a vendetta thing going on with some of the older Arsenal players. Still in there but.

62 mins: Almunia is having a corker. Larsson comes on.

70 mins: Ljungberg, Henry and Hleb are causing plenty of problems hassling Barca up the pitch, Eboue is having a pretty heroic game too. Am I coming across as at all one-sided ;) Am wondering if / when they’ll use Bergkamp… I wouldn’t unless they concede.

75 mins: But then I’m just some jumped up blogger :) Cole turns well with Ronaldinho, Deco seems ridiculously cool (he’s another one I reckon that’s got a jinx on).

76 mins: Goal – Eto’o bugger

81 mins: Goal – Belletti bugger x2

86 mins: Yeh, Arsenal have had it… Reyes for Hleb isn’t going to make any difference. Having said that it’s a deserved victory for Barca, they should have had a goal in the first half and have applied more than enough pressure to deserve a coupe of goals… yeh, it could have been different if Henry had finished a couple of chances, but there you go.

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  1. Yeah, I know. You can hear my reaction via my aussenal.com podcast. Just gutted.

    I keep thinking there were so many ways that this should’ve been different.

  2. Even though I am a United fan, I must say that I have great respect for Arsenal. They showed guts throughout the whole game. I love watching Henry play. Out of a very young squad, with minimal player purchases over the last few years, Arsenal have done a great job. Next season’s Premiership should be quite interesting. i hope one of us knocks ‘Chelski’ off its post.

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