Check it out, the incsub stable is now part of the most excellent 2web group:

2web logo

2web is a group of Australian bloggers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about web 2.0. What we all have in common is that through our businesses and blogging we develop, implement and evangelise web 2.0 ideas around web services, open standards, new media, blogs and the web as a platform.

It’s an honour and a serious frickin pleasure to be able to be part of a group including Ben Barren, Cameron Reilly, Nik Cubrilovic (along with Ben the serious dynamo behind this), Darren Rowse, Alan Jones and Richard Giles. Yeh, it’s not exactly a stormin’ gender mix but with any luck that’ll change over time.

Two things which I like about this first up are that I feel I can now say ‘2.0’ without feeling too self-conscious (because it is 2.0 goddammit, it actually works as a definition) and that it’s making me feel a good deal less jealous about all your hook ups in Canada & the US. Ha!