Workplace Reform in Australia

Marg is worried about workplace reform in Australian higher education… as am I. We have a good enterprise bargaining system in place and while it could always be improved, introducing Australian Workplace Agreements is not the way to go.

Unfortunately there’s very little we can do with the Howard (conservative) gov taking shortly control of the senate.

“The methodology I see here is that of divide-and-conquer. Pit individuals against each other and their attention is diverted from bigger more meaningful things, to smaller detail, the kind that keeps you from engaging in more ‘real’ things I suppose. Individualisation and economic rationalisation go hand-in-hand. Both remove self from the context in which we live. It disconnects us from the heart of our communities and from each other. In this, we become desensitised to the plight of others, focusing inward on our own situations – like wearing blinkers.” [FLED]