WordPress plugins ahoy

The WordPress plugin competition is a GREAT idea not only because there are so many great plugins coming out but also because it makes you realise what great ones are already there.

A few which I’ve been sampling and delighting in are:

Top 10: Basically allows you to count number of views for each post and display a ‘top 10 (or 20 or 30)’ of posts on your site (as well as views-per-post too)… no longer do you need a ‘best of’ section… this one writes itself! (would like to set this for ‘the last year’ or ‘the last month’ though…)

Bad Behaviour: Gets at spam before it can get to you by analysing “incoming requests to your server. If they match a profile of a known spambot, the spammer gets a nice error message instead of your blog.” Outstanding!

Subscribe to comments 2.0: Looks like it’s coming along a treat… am having some glitches with installing the ‘subscribe to comments without making one’ option (which I want… very cool option) but am sure we’ll get that flattened out soon.

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