WordPress MultiUser (WPMU) Themes Page

-The New WPMU doesn’t uses regular WordPress themes… and the download has been removed for the smarty themes… apologies for any time lost –

I’ve created a page for WordPress MultiUser (WMPU) themes, they work differently to regular WP1.5 themes and here you can see what’s available in all it’s glory!

The idea is that if people develop new themes they can drop me a comment there and I’ll post a thumbnail and a link so people can decide which themes to install.

Feedback welcome!

9 replies on “WordPress MultiUser (WPMU) Themes Page”

  1. Bugger, sorry, looks like it’s been gotten rid of (the new WPMU just uses regular WP themes which is a relief!)


  2. Hey thanks for such a fast response :)

    I take it you mean the cvs.. rather than the current stable?

    ho humm…. I’ll keep playing :)

    Thanks again,

  3. No worries, yep… the nightly (which is getting pretty stable in it’s own right.. they’re a good crew!)

  4. how can we use the WPMU to use regular WP themes ?

    i tryed it dident work ?

    is there a specific way to do it ?


  5. Hi James.
    I plan to use the WP MU (multi user) for a webportal for my city, so that people can use it to create their own blogs. Any pointers on issues involved. Is this as simple as getting the normal WP going.
    I’ve been searching the net for info. But couldn’t get anything substantial.
    Any information would be awesome.
    Thanks a bunch.

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