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  1. Thanks James. I used Kellan’s cool script – wp-rss-aggregate.php – and the MagpierRSS add-on. After some initial stumbles, it actually goes up pretty easily.

    Hacked it/modded it up only a little and now seems to work well with one bug. Some atom feed posts come in with a “December 1969” date on them. Still investigating a fix to that.

    The one thing I wanted was a link at the end of each post which would send readers to the owner’s blog for making comments. Got that running today.

    So, absent the ‘date bug’ fix, I’ll probably zip it up and offer it for download.

    I agree with your questions. Not too sure what, if any, value there is here. But, it is an interesting experiment.

    My thought is that some teachers might want a topic/discipline specific feed that would encourage their students to interact with professionals. I was looking for something ‘kind of like’ what we’re doing in MarcomBlog.com. The difference being that you don’t have to get the contributors to come to the blog. The aggregator blog goes to the contributors. And the aggregator blog sends the students to the authors, too.

    I’d love input and critiques on the aggregator blog.

    Thank you.

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