Via Ian comes Steve Margetts WikiTextbook ‘The free textbook anyone can edit’.

Waycool, I like the idea, I’m not usually a fan of the ol’ textbook but this has got a lot of potential. It’s pretty much British curriculum at the moment (GCHEs, ‘A’ Levels & alike… ahhh I remember the days anyone wanna know my grades ;o) which is an interesting choice, given, I guess, the wider potential for subject area plans… but then focussing on this not inconsiderable niche might work well too.

What’s the betting that my Pops (who doesn’t seem to read this despite it being his blinkin’ field) tells me about this on the phone in a few months time ;o>

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  1. Thanks for that Michael, never registered on me radar before… It’s got some really cool stuff

    -here’s the complete list:

    But if I know my national curriculum UK teachers & principals are probably gonna be looking for really specific UK stuff, which is what this project seems to be aiming at.

    Perhaps this is a good example of how we actually need a range of Wiki options rather than the foundation pushing everything???

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  3. I would love to think that the wikitextbook would be used by all students, however I felt that curriculum specific material would be most beneficial to students. James your assumption is therefore correct.

    In addition to teachers and professors contributing I hope that students will be encouraged to submit their own material. Obviously teachers and professors would have an editorial role, but I believe that students will feel a greater ownership of the textbook if they are active members of the community.

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