Wiki Hacking – any ideas?

Alrighty then… I need a wiki that has all the register / login functions but which I can hack (this should be interesting…) to give me several entry fields which then spit out in RSS feeds.

What I need are five fields.

Entry Field 1 – Time
Entry Field 2 – Area
Entry Field 3 – Title
Entry Field 4 – Content
Entry Field 5 – Tag (set to alist but can add new ones)

Which spits out obvious RSS 2.0 in a fairly obvious way (time, title & content – with description).

The tricky thing is how to include ‘area’… the tags are going to be for topics and I’d like for there to be a set number of them with the opportunity of creating more so they’d definitely fit as categories but area… hmmm…. I was thinking that it might be possible to dump this at the start of the content (which would then make it pullable via any reader that read the first, say, 20 characters of the content) but am not sure.

So am in a fix, I figured mediawiki might be the tool for me to try and hack to do this as it spits out RSS (I think) is nice and robust and has all the register / login features and a fair bit more besides but am not sure, anyone recommend any other wikis I could have a crack at for this?

Also, am I approaching lunacy in what I’m trying to do… is there a quicker way for me to wiki-ise this?

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  1. Hi Stephen, thanks for the comment.

    I’m still not sure if it needs RSS, I think it does (as it’s really about the fields above) but maybe XML would work… I know even less about XML :o(

    Have been playing with mediawiki and am already going off the idea… am now onto phpwiki as it looks like that could be simple and does support some RSS.

    Baaically I think I’m after something like a wiki with blogging principles… perhaps I’d better revisit bliki…

    Erfurt does look like it has (non-working) RSS feeds: (bottom right of this page:

    I’m v. scared of spam, it seems to have an (LDAP?) auth_mechanism, have you played with that?

    Cheers, James

  2. Can you lay out what wiki features you need. Is it the implicit hierarchy? The camelCase page creation? What if the wiki-like features could be achieved in another program? Given the fairly formal page structure you lay out, I wonder about coming at this from a very flexible CMS; Plone perhaps?

  3. Thnaks Ian, Plone’s a no-go unfortunately as I can’t host it :o( You might be onto something though, maybe siteframe… Drupal doesn’t feel right…

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