Uses of Blogs

Fantastic stuff, I’m going to be contributing a chapter on the blogs and education front to the forthcoming Uses of Blogs. A genuine chapter in a real, paper and um, shiny stuff, book. Am very very honoured to be publishing in the same vicinity let alone on similar pages to the fantastic list of authors they have got for this, especially Trevor Cook, Jill Walker, Alex Halavais, Jeremy Williams & Joanne Jacobs.

From Snurblog (Axel’s the co-editor):

“As an edited collection of scholarly articles by experts and practitioners in their fields, Uses of Blogs offers a broad range of perspectives on current and emerging uses of blogs. While there are considerable connections between many of the themes addressed in these articles, and between the individual contributors (demonstrating the social networking facilitated by the blogosphere network), these articles will be grouped into a number of key categories which address key uses of blogs from both practical – blogs in research, blogs in business – and conceptual – blogs and identity, blogs and community – perspectives. Each of these categories are framed by a brief piece introducing the articles and providing a wider context…”

I reckon I’m going to be seeking just a little bit of assistance as I pull my chapter together!