“Thugs ruled the streets, and the mob sang Waltzing Matilda”

Via Lol, this is bloody scary.

A BARE-CHESTED youth in Quiksilver boardshorts tore the headscarf off the girl’s head as she slithered down the Cronulla dune seeking safety on the beach from a thousand-strong baying mob.

Up on the road, Marcus “Carcass” Butcher, 28, a builder from Penrith, wearing workboots, war-camouflage shorts and black singlet bearing the words “Mahommid was a camel f—ing faggot” raised both arms to the sky. “F— off, Leb,” he cried victoriously.

It was one last act of cowardly violence on a sad and shameful day that began as a beach party celebrating a kind of perverted nationalism that was gatecrashed by racism. [SMH]

WTF is happening here? These guys are a loooong way from the poverty and despair of the North of England or the outskirts of Paris (or even my hometown Birmingham)…. I mean, rioting on a bloody beach??? Eh???

It’s a tragic reality, Australia is in many ways a very very racist country. ‘Nationalist’ parties wanting to stop/block immigration were formed about 40 years after first ‘settlement’ and compounded by the shameful ‘White Australia’ policy (parts of which survived till the 70s!!!) they haven’t lost their attraction to third or fourth generation immigrants who stupidly, obnoxiously spit out their drunken bile on first or second gen-ers. The idiots should look closer to home, their grandparents were, of course, in exactly the same boat.

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