The Journal of Community Informatics

The new issue of The Journal of Community Informatics is out now and full of very interesting articles… but, with no full text (just abstracts) sadly… so I’ll be unsubscribing.

I really think that this is a bit messed up, if you’re going to send out email updates of new issues you should at the very least provide some full papers, or don’t send it out until all the papers are available. Also, I’m convinced that the coverage, support, interest and citations which would come with an immediate full-text release would make economic sense. Dontchareckon?

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  1. Right, I agree… There was a need to get a URL for a paper in advance of putting out the full issue. This meant that we needed to do up a Table of Contents. What we didn’t know was that with the software we are using, putting out a Table of Contents meant that we distributed an announcement concerning this to all subscribers… But live and learn… The full text of all the papers should be available on-line later today at



    Editor in Chief

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