The adventures of the 14 day Thesis

Someone who is obviously completely off their rocker but doing it in a damn stylish manner has set up a blog at entitled: “The adventures of the 14 day Thesis”. The premise being that they’re going to write a thesis in, um, 14 days.

Well, it’s almost time but to be frank I don’t want it to be over (or perhaps for the, um, title to change a little), a sample:

“My legs are cramped, my ankles swollen. I feel like an overweight and pregnant Bovine Creature stuck herded up behind this iridescent screen all day.

My skin is pale and my nose bright red, itching and running from the constant irritation of pollens, dust and cheap perfume that is recycled by this air-conditioned in this climate controlled hell hole.

All around me people are in the throws of celebration as I type myself into a hunchbacked frenzy. The university is silent every night when I leave the library except for the feint sounds of celebration that echo somewhere beyond the horizon of my vision and mock me from the darkness….”