Seeing your presentation from the other side

Now that is fascinating (and also very nice :O) Cleve has blogged his experience of this mornings presentation and puts what I’m saying across just as well / better than I did I think!

Amazing stuff listening to peoples thoughts, I always figured I’d rather blog a presentation than be blogged but this is v. valuable.

Update: Crikey, there’s a summary here and another one here and Aaron talking about it here.

In particular Aaron asks:

“I can easily see how the structure of learning environments will influence the patterns of communicative behaviour, but to what extent does that change in outward behaviour affect one’s inner mindset?…

I don’t think that the learning environment – the technology, that is – is enough. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way educators and administrators view the institutions of which they are a part, followed by direct action to change them. Perhaps this is too much to ask?…”

Which is well worth thinking about more.

BTW, this is excellent, it’s just like getting instant feedback and developing ideas… wow x2

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