Planned Communities

I think I flatter myself to think that Alan has spent the hours required to trawl through Centred Communication but if he has I reckon we’re on the same page.

A most excellent addition to the emerging physical-virtual environments discussion in considering the pretty awful Apple digital campus exchange and, dare I say it, another contribution to the quickly spreading neighboursphere ;o>

If you want an earlier critique to figure out exactly how much Apple pay attention then have a look at my whining in April about the Apple digital campus blog.

[BTW, I think I can add this quote “Open communication and collaboration starts here” [my emphasis] to the BBopensource project as one of my all time favourite corporate bullshit exercises… hope you enjoy your: “discussion forums on a wide range of topics” guys and next time, why don’t you consider hiring someone to put it together who knows wtf is going on ;o>]