Passed 250 over the weekend!

Wow… we passed 250 over the weekend which now gives us 254 edublogs.

Not bad for a first week :)

Personally I’ve just spent the last two days plumbing, tiling, painting and at Bunnings… so haven’t had a chance to do anything in terms of features… but have very sore hands and am not sure whether I’m most happy about plumbing in this emerging community or the bathroom sink I have *almost* got going at home….

Either way… if you could keep on spreading the edublog word – especially through listservs (aiming at people who don’t already have a blog) then I’ll be a very happy bunny!

I edited the about page to say:

“ is a no-profit adventure into providing free WordPress blogs and hosting for teachers, students, researchers, librarians, writers and anyone who is interested in or working in education.”

Does that sound about OK?