Now for something, ahem, completely different

OK, so as my ‘debut’ in glossy print comes along with elearning magazine I have some serious things that need sorting out, and you out there in aggregator land are the perfect people to help with such serious matters.


1.) Should I call my column ‘Inside and Between’ or ‘In and Between’ (this is, of course a reference to Earl W. Stevick’s assertion that the most important thing that happens in a classroom is what goes on ‘inside and between’ the people in the room… it’s my ‘next business’ name too :o) ?

2. Which of the following photos should I use (taken today by the wonderful Simon Fox, who is available to hire if you wanna get in touch with him!)?

a. ‘Smug’

b. ‘Shiny’

c. ‘Senile’

d. ‘Salubrious’