My most-basic Moodle thoughts

Was asked by email what I thought of Moodle, this is my very very quick answer from a ‘kinda’ user perspective, am I off the mark?


-Open source thus hacks & hackable / add ons / community / good vibes etc.
-Good standards stuff (like RSS for example)
-Incorporates email!
-Very ‘comfortable’ graphically… also very simple operation


-Made around the traditional ‘LMS’ model and strongly in that vein
-Am not sure if it has as powerful content management tools established vendors do (and naturally doesn’t meet their huge lists of features… most of which are pointless / never work or are so badly designed that they are useless (ahem)
-Interface can get a bit too cutesy

Having said that I’d lean heavily towards Moodle over WebCT or BB if only because I could employ, for half the amount I’d pay in vendors fees, a good sized team to make it do whatever I want for my organisation… and once I was there I could halve that team and keep on going at great guns (bear in mind I’m talking about a 30k student organisation here).