Monday Stuff

Am feeling very tired and busy today… lots of exciting (and some laborious) stuff going on so just a few quickies which I might come back to later:

Check it out, finally figured out that the way to get Bloglet to work is to run RSS through it (duh) so you can now, as it’s so blinkin easy, get incorporated subversion by email too… (OK, I figure that you;re reading this through RSS but you might know someone who just won’t bite RSS-wise and suggest they try it this way, um, maybe…)

Tom’s got some interesting thoughts on weblogs / education / adolescence which reminds me of this excellent Shirky piece: Group as User: Flaming and the design of social software, here’s an extract:

“Probably the most important thing to remember about weblogging as a collective or communal activity is that bad weblogging does not crowd out good weblogging. This is what separates a weblogging from, say, mailing lists and bulletin boards. A wave of trolls, or just newbies can easily swamp and destroy those forums.”

Lee (and everyone bloody else, except for Alan I guess) is at Northern Voice… not fair… but his summary of Stephen’s talk on community is well worth a look.

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