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Have been looking for a while with no luck, does anyone know any websites that act like Microsoft’s map search worldwide but which gives you a GPS reading or longitude / latitude readings for that location (rather than just a map). GeoURL is still working on getting up again so that’s no good for now… any other ideas?

Update: Seems like Getty has some potential… but a bit limited and I’d prefer GPS

Here’s Fitzroy:

Lat: 37 47 00 S degrees minutes Lat: -37.7833 decimal degrees
Long: 144 59 00 E degrees minutes Long: 144.9833 decimal degrees

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  1. Cool thanks Alan,

    Looks like I can get pretty accurate Latitude & longitude readings with Maporama http://www.maporama.com … now I wonder how accurate this is, street level / area level?

    -37° 46′ 28″ , 145° 0′ 48″
    -37.7747 , 145.0134

    Also got these from http://www.multimap.com which looks equally cool

    X: 16142800m
    Y: -4521400m

    Lat: 37:46:29S (-37.7747)
    Lon: 145:00:48E (145.0134)

    Now is this what GPS is basically calulated in? Time to go & find out…

    Cheers, James

  2. These are the coordinates for the road next to mine:

    X: 16142900m
    Y: -4521400m

    Lat: 37:46:29S (-37.7749)
    Lon: 145:00:52E (145.0144)

    Which is pretty darn precise!

  3. Check it out, they both track by house number… however, there some small macro differences between the two:


    no. 18: -37° 46′ 32″ , 145° 0′ 47″-37.7756 , 145.0132
    no. 16: -37° 46′ 31″ , 145° 0′ 47″-37.7754 , 145.0132


    no.18: X: 16142800m Y: -4521300m
    Lat: 37:46:27S (-37.7743) Lon: 145:00:49E (145.0136)

    no.16: X:16142800m Y:-4521300m
    Lat: 37:46:28S (-37.7744) Lon: 145:00:49E (145.0136)

    Interesting… wonder why… same difference (1s) but starting and translated differently both ways… hmmmmm

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