Learning the hosting ropes!

Well, I’ve had a fun weekend, um, not.

What with the growth of edublogs.org and the funny bandwidth deals going on here I figured I had to do something about it and after a bit of research came upon Surpass hosting. Four days later of trying trying trying to get some simple accounts transferred, bugger all customer service (waiting hours and hours) and them getting arsey with me when I dared complain (apparently I was opening too many tickets.. eh?) I was kinda ready to find out (from various sources) that they’re absolutely awful.

But in the end that hasn’t mattered as the great folks (well, folk.. it’s kinda homely and nice there) at pSek.com (who I’ve been with happily ever since starting out down this road… not the biggest space / bandwidth but the BEST support and response times and supporting newbies going down this path) have cut me some slack so I’m feeling a lot more chilled and all yer blogs are in good hands :)

No referral involved BTW, pSek are just a really worthwhile provider.