Kickstarting courses through OPML

Great to see some of the Melbourne bloggers engaging with the huge potential of opml, rss and all in education, in particular Cam quotes Michael:

“First day in the class students are provided an OPML file that provides the details for the lecturers for the semester, they will blog and provide course notes, presentations, thoughts and opinions via their blog, the students will receive content automatically via their RSS reader. At the end of each lecture the podcast is also sent out using the same process. [Michael Specht]”

…and asks: “Is anyone aware of this application of OPML already happening?”

Um, yes, try searching for ‘edublog’ :o) Seriously though there’s a huge amount about the use of OPML, blogs in teaching and learning and more, it’s moreorless what I’ve been writing about for the last three years.

For the uninitiated a quick stroll through the OLDaily archive, a peek at some of the Blogtalk Downunder papers to do with education and blogging and maybe a coffee with me in Fairfield and you’ll be straight :D

What’s most interesting though is the question ‘Why the bloody hell isn’t this being done left, right centre and obviously in our Universities already?’… ahem.