IncSub Redesign & Relaunch

Hey, I’m pretty tired but pretty excited about redesigning / relaunching IncSub, check out the new site here( feedback more than welcome, am still twiddling with bits!)

There’s awhole host of cool things happening with it now, in particular IncSub Hosting & IncSub Associates, more on the associates front soon but taken from the first post on the new site:

“We’re still very much supporting teachers, trainers and researchers who would like to use weblogs, wikis, CMSs and other open source software but have expanded, out of demand and the fact that it’d be nice to be able to cover the server costs here, to offering IncSub hosting and designs as well.

The idea is that, by providing unlimited mysql databases (pretty much every hosting account you can find limits these) you can essentially set up a blogging / wiki / CMS / open source service or sandpit for an entire school, institution or organisation. Kindof a ‘your own IncSub’ approach, supported by someone (i.e. me) who has set exactly this kind of thing up.”

If you’re interested get in touch (I even have a swanky new contact form :o) and I’ll give any incorporated subversion readers their first month for free :o)