IncSub educational hosting & support… premium service?

Prompted by a couple of emails regarding the kind of levels of support that IncSub (do you like the final double barrelled capitalisation?) can provide and the answer generally being “Um, a bit, but we, um, aren’t a hosting company or anything” I was wondering whether there would be any point providing a kind of ‘premium’ service. Keeping, of course, the free areas for CMSs, wikis, blogs etc. but offering a bit more.

I figured something like:

-Domain name, 200MB space, 3Gig bandwidth, unlimited SQLdbases, tech support and all the other fancy stuff (control panel, auto installers etc. etc.)


-Design support, consultation, IncSub Association Membership (a bit like a professional society, we could even have an IncSub online conference / journal :o)

For, say, $20 a month or $200 for a year… does that sound utterly unlikely or impossible?

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