In the bungalow – the blog return of Lindon Parker

Most excellent news, the (well, my) blogfather himself Lindon Parker has started up a new blog using the WPMU service (as have about 30 other people which is very cool! Roll on over and have a go if you like, stuff like this means I have to look after the databases etc. too so you won’t get deleted either now!)

“James Farmer made me do it honestly……! So here we go again, counting even the dev blogs I set up for RMIT once a lifetime ago this is the fourth full-time blog I’ve built. History says I’ll get bored soon enough and quit, but hey I’ve got a differnt agenda for this..

I’m just gonna put stuff here I care about and only when i feel like it…”

Go visit In the Bungalow (here’s the RSS feed), welcome back Nodnil :o)