How to get started edublogging

A colleague just asked me by email how she could get started edublogging.

She wants to build contacts with ‘peers / students/ friends / strangers’ in her area (education, culture), get feedback on her PhD research and generally ‘get into’ blogging.

I fired off this quick advice, do you reckon it’s appropriate:

First up: Go create a blog at IncSub Blogs (hey, it’s the best free edublogging service I know :o)


1. Start writing… useful / interesting stuff that other people will react to / value as information

2. Search Google for blogs that are in the area you are thinking about and comment on their blog / email them your blog describing the kind of things you are doing and would like to get feedback on (many will have blogrolls which will be good places to check for similar blogs)

3. Subscribe to those blogs RSS feeds in Bloglines (here’s a little guide on how to do that)

4. Keep on writing, commenting, reading & emailing…

Whaddya reckon? What would you add / change?