How do you format WordPress posts?

As WPMU comes more online and I’m working with more and more people using WordPress I’m acutely aware of Alex’s warning that “it’s only easy now because you are a geek” and so have decided to whack together, on demand, a few simple WordPress Tutorials.

So I’ve created a tutorials page and will also post them here as they come up, grab a feed if you wanna get updated.

Here’s the first Tutorial:

Tutorial 1 – How do you format your WordPress posts (bold, italics, blockquotes & links)?

[Update: If you’d like to see any more tutorials on particular topics drop me a note in the comments below and I’ll see what I can fling together for ya!]

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  1. We have been wanting to do the same. We are moving from our own WP install to WPmu over the next week or two. We do have a (huge) walkthrough of setting up a site here. But let me know if we can help out with some smaller ones.

  2. Thanks for that Alex, that’s a pretty major walk-through… if you guys wanted to publish smaller ones I’d happily link through from the page (or even host if you want?)

    What’d be really great would be something like a ‘top 10’ of issues that could be addressed?

  3. Hi James, we found a plugin called WYSI-Wordpress from which could make things easier for non-techies (looks like word toolbar, includes link button); can be ‘configurated’ to include on/off option. regards, michael

  4. Thanks Michael.. I usually give WYSIWIGs a wide berth (because they usually don’t work :o) but I’ll certainly check thi sone out.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Am looking for some tutorials for my EFL students as some of them don’t understand blogs and those that “get” them don’t know how to use the back end at Unfortunately I do not have access to a computer lab so cannot show them all at once.

    I looked at your tutorial page but there is only one there and the link is broken. Does anyone know of a video tutorial or can recommend a text tutorial with screenshots? If not, I”ll probably make a video one, but don’t really have the time for it.

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