Getting rid of line rental through cable internet & skype

OK, here’s the plan.

We’re moving next week (first home, v. happy, lots of renovations await!) and I’m getting annoyed at spending $40 p/month on line rental for a phone line that we only ever rack up $20 of calls on. Plus, the $129 charged by my DSL company to shift connections (and the month or so wait on dial-up) makes me think there’s an opportunity here…

If I ditch the line rental, hook up with Optus for cable and get a Skype phone then that’ll handle all the international / long distance stuff and I can use SkypeOut for local calls no worries.

We’ve got mobiles (of course) but the only problem is that SkypeIn (which would give me my own landline number) isn’t available in Australia yet :o(

So whaddya reckon? Should we take the plunge & SkypeUp and wait for SkypeIn or hang out and wait for a bit longer?

And do you reckon this phone would be the best bet?

Update: Hmmmm, looks like the phone isn’t advertsied as being available in Australia. Bugger. Any suggestions?

Update 2: Yes it is, excellent, I’ve just bought one!