Edugadget on using cell phones in schools


“Question: Is it possible to turn the trend of cell phone usage amongst teenagers in school into a positive?

The Opportunity: The distribution of important information in school is an extremely resource intensive effort. If you were to calculate the straight labor cost, let alone the missed opportunity (more teaching) costs, it would be staggering. Furthermore, the system is error-prone because it usually uses brute force people-power, bits of paper, and phone calls. “

Fascinating stuff and a real ‘nail on the head’ approach to technology in schools… don’t fight it use it.

I was having a chat with Lindon the other day about telcos / costs of hooking up cell phones / ubiquitous wireless net and alike and I wonder if there is any capacity for, say, a school to have a wireless network which interacts with it’s (registered) students mobiles and allows the affordable and widespread use of mobile apps in an educational setting. Interesting stuff.

Here are a couple of interesting articles for ASCILITE last year on SMS and learning which can probably add a bit to this discussion.