Edublog Awards Nominees!!!

Wow, it is soooo hot up here in Brissie… and thought I’d wear strides for my presentation too which isn’t helping!

The wireless has also been on and off so I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything really – and of course the interesting sessions don’t help either ;)

But I did get to see that Josie has posted the nominees for the second edublog awards and it’s very cool to see that blogs Smelly Knowledge and Joyce Valenza’s Neverending Search together with blog Beyond the Adventures of the 14 days thesis have made it onto the nominations for best newcomer, best librarian and best newcomer respectively.

Oh yeh, and got nominated for most innovative edublogging project, service or programme :) Although there’s some pretty darn tough competition from Elgg (who’ll probably get my vote to be honest), EdTechTalk and the ever excellent Stephen’s Web (“He’s my god” an attendee at this conf. told me before lunch)

Voting is now open here so go and, um, vote!