‘Communication Dynamics’ Web Presentation & Seminar Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning (or perhaps this afternoon for some of you!) I’ll be running a web-based presentation entitled: “Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs, wikis and the development of communities of inquiry in online learning environments”.. catchy eh :o)

Seriously though it should be a good opportunity for me to run through a revised version of my thinking in this area (should take ’bout 15 mins) and then for us to have a good chat about it… this is geared towards the EVOnline Course that Bee, Aaron and Graham are running (bless them!) but I think that the more people are there to discuss this the better for everyone so you’re welcome to drop by!

The session kicks off at 22:00GMT (that’s something like 12 – 4 in North America, here are the times) at the Webheads Alado site (go here and choose a name to login – no password required – BTW it’s at the bottom of the page… [Update: But first you have to click on ‘login information’ at the top!]

Maybe see ya there!