Blogging your (not-about-blogs!) book

Those of you following blogsavvy will already know about him but for those of you who don’t here’s a blogsavvy client, the author Mat Larkin.

Mat Larkin - blogging author

Mat’s blogging the progress of his book ‘The Last Monk’ and ‘For the reader’s convenience, the first five years and 80,000 words have been prepared beforehand.’ ;o>

What’s particularly cool is that he’s also just posted two extracts from the book… and they’re very, very good. Think Douglas Adams getting confused…

Here’s the feed if you’d like to stay up to date with the wordcount, and join me in an exploration of how you can use a blog to keep yourself engaged with the rest of the world even though you’re spending your days in an office on your own scratching your head. Hang on, that’s mostly what I do anyway…

Oh, and if you’re an interested publisher, please do get in touch :o)