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About a year or so ago the person who sent me that rather unpleasant memo (and who has probably got into aggregation in a big way since then… sometimes I feel a bit like a dead man walking (or should that be digging ;o)) said to me and assembled company in his/her infinite wisdom “The problem with bloggers is that all they write about is blogging, haw haw haw”.

Now apart from this being a classic example of boss-talk (when your superiors are fully convinced that their opinions are much more valid about the area you happen to specialise in…) IMO it’s also utterly incorrect, which is why I was a little dismayed to find the sentiment repeated by think thunk and seconded by the edu blogger today.

I look around the ed-tech blogging world and I see conversations about pretty much everything from discussion boards to IM to pedagogy to research methods to academic disciplines to learning objects to plagiarism to CMSs to K12 teaching to professional development to emerging technologies to wikis to email to spam to news and resources to programming to the internet to libraries to…

These conversations happen through weblogs and RSS, if they were happening through email I imagine there would be a disproportionate number of comments about email, if they happened at the University of Western Australia campus I imagine we’d talk about that quite a bit too.

Now it does happen that there are a number of people quite focused in the study and use of ‘blogging’, a fascinating new area of communication and community that’s only really developed in a big way over the last few years, many people say it’s changing the world, or has the potential too, haven’t you heard?

One of the great things about it is that you can choose what you read, nobody’s going to force this stuff on you, and in that vein I’d encourage ed tech bloggers to write about whatever they want to write about and if you don’t wanna read it then, well, that’s one of the wonderful things about this stuff…

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