Bandwidth solution & Things you should NEVER do in Elluminate Live!

Well, the solution to bandwidth problems is fairly simple… I’m moving to a host that’ll give me a lot more!

Bear with me though, especially if you’re an edu, uni or learner blogs user… to compensate all you guys I’ll be adding 50% more storage to your file upload space!

And you’re not going to believe what just happened… have just been live in this learningtimes event, featuring Curtis Bonk, and Fang logged in… he said “Hi” I [privately] said “Hi” back and then added that I thought that the session was a bit ‘wishy’… which it was from where I was sitting… too much generalisable stuff with fairly generic stats and the whole ‘blended’ learning thing (in my book we’ve ALWAYS been blended learners so I don’t hold a lot of stock in the word).

Now I did this all privately… just to him… so when Prof. Bonk remarked “Oh, James thinks this is a bit wishy…” I was a little bit surprised… checked with an Elluminate user here and found that generally admin can see all the private messages…. WHAT THE F*#$ ???… ooooooo, I hate these admin driven systems, what a crap crap environment and there’s NOTHING there that tells you about this. Bastards.

Anyway, you should try to pop over and enjoy any one of the great list of speakers at this webheads conference “Bridges across cyberspace”, it’s running for the next few days. Just, um, be careful about what you say!!!