Apple Digital Campus Blog

Interesting, D’Arcy points to Carl Berger blogging at the Apple Digital Campus Exchange Leadership Institute Blog (phew).

Particularly interesting as they’re using WordPress and even more so in that they seem to be using it in the most bizarre form ever… they call it a ‘community blog’.

Sorry Stephen but I don’t see this lasting beyond a few first posts, some follow-ups, one person doing most of the running and then it falling by the wayside… so “he will now experience first-hand what we have been talking about all along, which could only mean good things” isn’t what I think’ll happen… wrong environment & tools for job = not so good :o(

What they really should be doing, of course, is running a real community application like Drupal or even better thinking a little about centered communication and employing WPMU and maybe WP Aggregator. Then they might get it a little more.

In a way I reckon that no blogging is a lot better than badly executed blogging (and I know what I’m talking about when it comes to badly executing ;o)

Oh, and has anyone read the utterly horrific terms of use on this blog. Around 3,500 word long (8 pages copied into Word)… Apple are actually a bit evil aren’t they:

“…Stay on topic. The Site is here to help Educators to exchange ideas for more effective teaching and the use of Apple products and technologies to achieve that goal. Unless otherwise noted, don’t add Submissions about other topics, including things like:
• That Apple rumour you saw on another website.
• Discussions of Apple policies or procedures that don’t have a bearing on the Site’s appropriate subject matter.
• Speculations/rumours about unannounced products….”

My advice would be that they first figure out what a blog is and how to use it and then take their enormous BigCo ‘terms and conditions’ arse and haul it right back to graphic design, please… what’s with the URL to this site as well:

Calm now, back to holiday…